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I'm the Founder of Illumineye Lashes & Brows, Lash Mentor & Beauty Specialist 

As the founder of this amazing brand, Rebecca has over sixteen years experience in this industry.  She has worked for five star global brands and celebrity clients. She is a teacher and trainer and is focused on the training and development of her staff.


Her mission is to make every woman feel feminine and beautiful.

 At Illumineye we pride ourselves on giving women amazing customer service and confidence in our brand.

Choosing the right set of eyelashes may seem pretty basic. However there are hundreds of different things to decide from.  We will completely customise them for you to achieve the most beautiful finish .

This year we will be launching many new and exciting things....... stay tuned 


The Professional Approach 


Choosing Your Perfect Lashes 


I hear this time and time again!!!!!

"when I get my lashes done she doesn't ask what I want I just get on the bed" 

This makes me feel so sad.. Choosing the right set is so important because it can really make all the difference. everyone has a different eye and face shape, so choosing a set is as important as choosing a pair of glasses. the wrong style can make your eyes look completely different. There are different curls, lengths, thicknesses, and lash maps. This is why we do an in-depth consultation. 

Beautiful Brows


Lets Talk Eyebrows.

over the years eyebrow fashions have changed so much. from David bowie shaving, to the Scouse brow. Regardless of the trends the eyebrows will dramatically change the face. As we